“Don`t find a fault, find a remedy.“ (Henry Ford)

Continuous improvement guarantees the competitiveness of each company, especially in the increasingly globalizing world of today.

Nowadays, vision is blurred by every day’s life, in-house complications, external requirements and global impacts. Hence, the ability to recognize necessary changes and to set up reorganizational tasks is gradually becoming more difficult. Lacking capacities often impede the planning and the implementation of structural adjustments.

The Hofer Consulting Group e.V. (registered association) is able to support you!

The Hofer Consulting Group consists of an independent team of students offering innovative solutions to put your company ahead. Our members join from many different majors.

That enabels us to draw from a versatile pool of ideas, skills and qualities in order to meet the particular demands of your project.

With us, you are always up to date as we have the knowledge and findings of the current reasearch to apply.

Contact us and see firsthand what our student consulting group can do for you!